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Article Submissions

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Get published by Linode.

Get paid. Earn $100 per article, if it is accepted for publication.

We're expanding the Linode Library, and we want you to help! If you like writing, teaching people how to use Linux, and money, we want to hear from you. The guidelines are below.


Topic List

Submit your own topic, or choose from the list of open topics we want to add to the Linode Library:

Each article is worth $100 if it is accepted for publication.

Completed Topics

These authors got their articles published and $100. You could be next.

How Much Money Will I Earn?

We will pay you $100 per article that is accepted for publication, in cash via PayPal, or as Linode credit. Note that submitting an article is not a guarantee of publication. After you submit it, we will let you know if your article has been accepted.

Write Your Article

Use the style guide. While you're writing, make sure your content is:

Want to make sure you don't waste time writing a long article we can't use? Submit a writing sample first, to librarysubmissions @

Submit Your Article

Submit your article to librarysubmissions @ as a plain text or reStructuredText file attachment. Writing samples are welcome as well.

Got images? Attach them as .png or .jpg files. If an image is over 650 pixels wide, please send both the original and a 650-pixel-wide version.

Submission checklist:

Once you've submitted your article, here's what you can expect:

  1. You'll receive a brief response acknowledging your submission.
  2. We will do a technical review of your material. This will take a few days.
  3. We will do a copy review of the article. This will take a few days.
  4. You may receive questions or comments from us, or a request for a resubmission with a few changes.
  5. We will let you know that your article has been chosen for publication and send you the final version we are planning to publish. You will have 36 hours to respond and approve our publication of the final version.
  6. If you respond positively (non-response will be taken as a go-ahead to publish), we will publish the article and give you the cash or Linode credit.